For the last two years, Arduino LLC (the, Massimo one) and Arduino SRL (the, Musto one) have been locked in battle over the ownership of the Arduino trademark. That fight is finally over. Announced at the New York Maker Faire today, “Arduino” will now go to Arduino Holding, the single point of distribution for new products, and a non-profit Arduino Foundation, responsible for the community and Arduino IDE.

Since early 2015, Arduino — not the Arduino community, but the organization known as Arduino — has been split in half. Arduino LLC sued Arduino SRL for trademark infringement. The case began when Arduino SRL, formerly Smart Projects SRL and manufacturers of the Arduino boards with a tiny map of Italy on the silk screen, began selling under the Arduino name. Arduino LLC, on the other hand, wanted to internationalize the brand and license production to other manufacturers.

While Arduino and Arduino have been tied up in court for the last few years, from the outside this has look like nothing else but petty bickering. Arduino SRL forked the Arduino IDE and bumped up the version number. Later, an update from SRL was pushed out to Amazon buyers telling them was the real Arduino. Resellers were in a tizzy, and for a time Maker Faires had two gigantic Arduino booths. No one knew what was going on.

All of this is now behind us. The open source hardware community’s greatest source of drama is now over.

I spoke with Massimo after the announcement, and although the groundwork is laid out, the specifics aren’t ready to be disclosed yet. There’s still a lot to work out, like what to do with the Github repo, which TLD will be used (we’re rooting for .org), support for the multitude of slightly different products released from both camps over the years, and finer points that aren’t publicly visible. In a few months, probably before the end of the year, we’ll get all the answers to this. Now, though, the Arduino wars are over. Arduino is dead, long live Arduino.


  1. It won’t last. Italians and other Italians are natural enemies. Damn Italians! They ruined Italy!

  2. But they made peace 🙂 mamma mia che bello! I’m sure they had a pizza together after the settlement.

  3. They tried but couldn’t agree on whether the pizza should have a thin base or a thick base, and what should be on top. They did agree however that there should be no pineapple.

  4. Ahhh, so who won then ??? The solicitors and barristers!

  5. Americans as always will add ketchup in spaghetti.

  6. Tried. I felt like making an unforgivable sin.

  7. notarealemail

    What!? I’ve never done that!
    Newman’s Own pasta sauce as a starter, add some turmeric and hot pepper. Onions and peppers of course; don’t forget homemade garlic bread…

  8. You mean that pasta invented in China?

  9. I read this through and after that I didn’t have a clue who now owns Arduino.
    This line didn’t help ““Arduino” will now to Arduino Holding”
    Perhaps “go to” ??
    The linked article saved the confusion. My expectation was that the dispute resulted in one successor and while that is *technically* true, it is not at all obvious from the article.
    Thanks all the same [Benchoff], I enjoy your articles.

  10. Brian Benchoff

    Editors ‘gon edit…

  11. Mike Szczys

    Yep, that was my bad. Sorry.

  12. DainBramage

    So they sued themselves and won. Seems kinda obvious in hindsight.

  13. So China won?

  14. “…the team is working together to continue to offer the best open hardware and software..”
    No. They have been left in the dust by Teensy and other such efforts. And PJRC continues to fix stuff in the arduino libs and IDE that these organizations seem unable or unwilling to; so again, no, it is no longer the best in any category.

  15. jack laidlaw

    While I love Teensy, I think there is plenty room for both ecosystems. There are some things I wouldn’t waste a teensy on and just use an Arduino.

  16. Left in the dust how? Technically? Price point? Certainly not in terms of volume and use which is still well and truly an Arduino thing through and through.


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