[Eric Dirgahayu] wanted to explore underwater with some sensors and cameras. First, he needed a platform to carry them. That led to his Arduino-controlled swimming fish. The fish is made from PVC and some waterproof servos. From the video (see below) it isn’t clear how much control the fish has, but it does swim with an undulating motion like a real fish.


The included software allows for infrared control (so clean water is a must) and there is a ballast tank for buoyancy. The site has several videos and tabs that show different aspects of the project. We found the site a little difficult to navigate, so to help you out, you can go straight to the interesting bits of the construction. Here’s the electronics, too.

If you need a home for your robot fish, we’ve seen plenty of high-tech tanks. If you prefer your submersibles a little more futuristic, you can always try Star Trek.

[embedded content]


  1. I want that music looping in my bathroom.

  2. Looks less likely to get caught up in weeds than the enterprise anyway.

  3. Alex Rossie

    This is absolutely amazing.

  4. Pretty well designed, very realistic swimming motion. They just need to work on adding things like obstacle avoidance, and that will require figuring out how to turn.

  5. notarealemail

    It is kind of creepy just how realistic the motion is! Maybe if they used more flexible side fins to alter the flow over its body they wou

  6. IMO needs a rubber sock on its arse to embiggen its efficitation.

  7. Swimming motion is perfect.

  8. Eric Dirgahay

    for more how is made you can visit the playlist videos about this lowcost robot fish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVyDhbAeWh0&list=PLz3dmEjRSgW4rQk4UfXcgVcG_OE5B9561&index=12

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