The launch of Pokemon Go has unleashed the franchise upon the world once again but this time it’s encouraging users to get active and socialize in the great outdoors. To show off their dedication to the cause, [Npoole] 3D printed a Pokedex external battery and case to combat the game’s already legendary drain on their Galaxy S4’s resources.

Pokedex Open BackMimicking the first-generation Kanto design, [Npoole] 3D printed it in red ABS and added a small circuit with a red, yellow and green LED to complete the effect. Inside, a 18650 lithium cell provides the much-needed backup power via a micro B plug and is boosted to 5V with a LiPo charger/booster board. Despite a switch on the circuit, the battery slowly drains so that’s something to be corrected in a future version.

As you can see, there is still some room left over in the external bat-I mean-Pokedex, and [Npoole] intends to add another battery and a cooling fan to further improve the design. The result is a little bulky, but for new and diehard fans alike, a working Pokedex definitely worth it.

While that’s printing, if you’re looking to hack your way to the perfect Poke-ball throw, try out this lo-tech addition to your Pokemon trainer kit.

[via Sparkfun]


  1. Dave Davidson

    Seriously all That cavity space and 1 18650 surely 2 could fit
    Charge circuit on the other side

  2. You certainly could! This thing was a 16 hour marathon build and I kinda used whatever was at my desk to put it together. It is a living project though and you’re welcome to improve it or keep an eye on the Github repo 🙂

  3. TacticalNinja

    If properly placed, you could even 4 in it.

  4. TacticalNinja

    I think I accidentally a word there. Edit button plzzz.

  5. notarealemail

    I hope you don’t mind if I steal your exact quote for the next time I mess up.

  6. I accidentally the whole meme. Is that bad?

  7. notarealemail

    That’s the first thing I thought. Why only one cell? So I kept reading…
    “As you can see, there is still some room left over in the external bat–I mean–Pokédex, and [Npoole] intends to add another battery and a cooling fan to further improve the design.”
    Otherwise, the case looks great. I couldn’t care less about Pokemon
    but seriously, nice job.

  8. That’s a great project 🙂

  9. Megan McGrew (@improbablewhale)

    Any trick to putting the phone in/keeping it in there? I’m looking to make something similar and I’m trying to figure out the best way to do it.

  10. James Purcell

    What is this “…encouraging users to get active and socialise in the great outdoors.” thing that you speak off?
    Are you suggesting that the game actually works?
    BTW nice build.

  11. I think the ultimate goal is to get users to socialize in locations like Starbucks.
    I’ll join the craze if McDonalds starts making a new McPokemon burger (if they can provide proof that it’s made from real Pokemons of course).

  12. James Purcell

    Dude you just broke the internet!
    The Grand Mac Pikachu!

  13. notarealemail

    But please don’t give them any more ideas!
    The McCharizard: Flame-broiled whateverthechickenMcnuggetsaremadeoutof

  14. Blue Footed Booby

    Game works for me. vOv

  15. Anthony Gilberti

    I feel like this could be taken a step further with a Raspberry Pi or other single board computer capable of running Android, a cellular module, and a cheap pay-as-you-go data plan.

  16. Ditch the micro usb plug, and just implement the use of the 5V charge pads under the back cover. My charge port was damaged and I’ve been using that instead to charge my S4. This way you’d have more space

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