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Jamarques Hopkins

Posted 1 year 9 months ago cheating or not

david jason zachary

Posted 1 year 9 months ago Cheating on wife,financially ruining company

Chalan Foreal

Posted 1 year 9 months ago because i am a friend of her fathers and she took a bunch of pics of me and emailed to my wife to make it look as though something was going on. i was told by someone else she also has shit posted about me on her facebook. this is causing my family trouble

valeria molina

Posted 1 year 8 months ago she cheated on me and has photos of me and her and i want to take them down please help me her Facebook is Valeria Molina just look herup

Rose Cannon

Posted 1 year 8 months ago i am pissed of at her

Nickolas Ballard

Posted 1 year 7 months ago scammer, scammed my friend and me

Emily Jean Stroud

Posted 1 year 7 months ago My ex has been spreading rumors on Tumblr about me using my name. It's really screwing up my life when it comes to having any friends.

Kimberly Smith-Brock

Posted 1 year 6 months ago this woman cheated on me not more than a month after i was put in prison for selling a quarter ounce of marijuana. i had two priors of trafficking and delivery, when i was younger so i got four more years for a quarter ounce .......anyways, within a month she was cheating and i was gone from her mind completely. the eight years we were married she didn't work a single day. i supported our family (two kids) and bought us a home and she was left with a sizable amount of cash to support her while i was gone for the time which ended up being two and one half years. she sold everything i owned for instance a 72 monte carlo which i built from the ground up. she sold an 85 full size four wheel drive bronco which i also hand built. she sold the 98 cadilac i bought her all of my toys and tools to many to list, all after she blew six figures within six months and then cried that she had to strip to support her and the kids because i had deserted her. she proceeded to party it up and ended up serving me my divorce papers one week before i was released from incarceration. she divorced me and took whatever else was left.....oh yeah the house is all that was left and i have to pay child support which is understandable and i love my children however it is only a means of money for her to take it easy. she married a guy i knew from the time i was five and has of course cheated on him and they are separated. she filled my childrens heads with hogwash and has them turned against me. and the divorce was eleven years ago but she to this day continues to beat my brow everytime her personal life has a problem. i was backcharged child support for the time i was in prison and that came to a sum of 30,000 dollars . my life now consists of work work work nothing but work just to try to make my child support payments and to support my two younger post-divorce children with the new love in my life. help a guy out please and make her as miserable as possible. she is taking me back to court now to try to raise my support.....enough is enough i think. thanks and i will do what i can with the aid of tutorials to try to get more info

Bryan Robert Bohannan

Posted 1 year 6 months ago This is my ex husband whom has conspired between himself and his girlfriend, Kelly Sawdon, to try to get sole custody of my daughter for the sole purpose of trying to have Kelly become her "new mommy". He completely blindsided me by having me served with papers while our daughter was with him for visitation and in Texas they allow whoever filed the papers to hold temporary possession of the child if they are in their custody at the time the papers are served. He ripped her out of her school to transfer her to a known academically poor school near him. He has refused me my actual legal rights as her primary gaurdian because he thinks he has full power now. I have been kept from seeing her, speaking to her and being there for her all while he has this other woman who does black magic around my child and is insisting that she refer to this woman as her "mommy" from now on. I need to collect as much information as possible to prove my case in court and show any and all dirt possible on him and his girlfriend. It sucks to do it but my baby is depending on me to bring her back home and needs me.

high tone

Posted 1 year 6 months ago l




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